(Self) Transformation In One Hour

A One Hour Online Discussion/Conversation with Edward Jones 

About the Experience:

This experience conveys a message in one hour for you to transform your life. You will be able to create a new life outside the illusion in which we are all now living by your participation in this one-hour experience. This Quantum Leap, which will take you into the space where you can create a new life for yourself, leaving you past where it belongs, in the past, will no longer hold you. Transformation is the ending of the old and the creation of the new mind.


About Edward:

In 1979 at the age of 36, Edward Jones experienced a life-altering event of death that he later came to call self-transformation. Everything he had been—a son, a husband, a businessman—collapsed at his feet in complete failure. It was the death of everything he had been in his life. Out of the experience of death, Edward created a new life and a new consciousness.  His first description of that day included related that a *spark* moved out of his death, arched or sparked, and a new life immerged, one that made him both his father and mother. Speaking truth in his old life was the one constant that produced the energy which caused the spark of life. The only part of him that did not die is speaking truth.

To meet Edward is to meet you in the mirror of reality. His seminars are personal to the point of seeing yourself as you are. He sees all of you in the words you speak, your body language and your reactions to the conversation.

To avail yourself to this experience of your personal transformation email Edward at and request a one-hour meeting and include your best day/time* for the meeting. The cost is $75.00 (US dollars) AFTER the conversation unless you are not 100%; then It is free.

All sessions are online. Edward is available any day of the week between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  in the U.S. central time zone. Please specify which time zone you live in when you request a day/ time.

Here is what people are saying about the experience: 

“My first experience with Edward Jones was transformational. In our conversation he said one word that “blew me out” of this consciousness. I saw my programming and how I was able to be controlled by just one word – and then I saw I was controlled by all words. My whole life was programmed and I was now just at the affect of it.”  Dona B

“I have met with Edward Jones on numerous occasions. Meeting with Edward one on one has an intensity that isn’t explainable, yet it is palpable. He is able to cut thru the confusion and turmoil and point to that which is holding me back. I experience a sensation that is difficult to describe. It’s as if mental and emotional chains are being unlocked and even falling away. Each time I come away less encumbered by beliefs that have caused me turmoil, confusion and pain.  If you have the need to transform your life Edwards assistance is exceptional.”  Lori F.

“You are truly enlightened ! And you have lead our lives towards enlightenment or awareness ( whatever one likes to call it ) as what an enlightened being would do, to create a perfect life!”  Smitha

“After speaking to you , can’t express what it is I felt something touched me. My dad is saying lot of chattering in mind have gone. For us also he seems to be more relaxed.”

“Thank you for the wonderful conversation. It really worked Edward and in  something’s  I’m still working on it.”

“I made the decision to stop drinking and allow myself to recognize that I am 100 percent responsible for myself. And it’s not just about me it’s about all my relationships. Even the ones I’ve had with drugs and alcohol. Will provide more as day goes on. Thank you, Edward, for taking the time to speak with me. I really appreciated it and my mood about changing is proof.”


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