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Raising Sane – Is It Possible To Raise A Sane Child In An Insane World 

Raising Sane

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Self Transformation – A New You

Jones, Edward (2011) USA Ophadophalus Publishing
ISBN: 97809844269-1
Library of Congress Control # 2011925816


A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source

A New Consciousness Born

Jones, Edward (2010) USA Ophadophalus
ISBN 97809844269-4



From  A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source:
This glossary is not meant to change the meaning of words. It simply defines the words as I use them, and if you can get your mind wrapped around the words as I use them, perhaps we can develop clear communication between us.

Anger – A feeling, not real, removable
Assist – A partnership, a moving together
Belief – The death of a truth, the birth of a trap
Care – An emotion, not a feeling
Change – A shift in awareness within the same consciousness
Compassion – An emotion, not a feeling
Complete – Perfect, whole, actualized
Content – The parts of a context
Context – All of
Create – An act of speech, a beginning, new
Creation – The context of life, complete
Dysfunctional – Society, all of us, used as a manipulation
Ecstasy – An emotion, something beyond happy
Effective – Perfect action while seeing
Emotion – Creation, Intelligence, Truth, Real, not removable
Excuse – What we use to show others we were not wrong, ineffective
Experience – What is happening now
Explanation – An excuse, explained away
Father – A figment, image, projection
Feeling(s) – Not real, ego protector, barrier
Female – A provable entity
God – May or may not be, does not need to be believed
Happy – A feeling, 1/2 of Sad
Help – Something the helpless need, does not work, ineffective
Ineffectiveness – The way of our world
Intelligence – Love in action
Intent – A movement towards, is created
Jealousy – A feeling, not real, removable
Justifiable – An excuse, justified by oneself
Know – A frozen belief
Knowledge – Thought in action, memory, faulty
Lie – The smallest part of truth
Love – Ever alive, no feeling, has lost its meaning in today’s world
Male – A provable entity
Man – A figment, image, projection
Manipulation – The way of the world, a function of thought
Maybe – The beginning of a possibility, suspending a belief for a moment
Mistake – A place to learn from when seen and spoken as a mistake
Money – Bankrupt, a trap
Mother – A figment, image, projection
Need – Something we may not have to have and think we do
New – Not having been before, not recognizable, created
Normal – A figment, cannot be defined
Pain (emotional) – A feeling, not real, removable
Perfect – Complete, actualized, includes a flaw
Possibility – A small opening which may or may not expand a place to listen  from
Power – The highest form of manipulation, money is at its core
Real – Something seeable, true, not of belief
Reasonable – An excuse, made reasonable for oneself
Right/Wrong – A figment, all right includes a wrong and vice-versa
Sad – A feeling, one-half of happy
Shock (Psychological) – When a small negative energy meets a small positive energy
See – To look without the mind interfering, aware
Society – The black hole, cannot be filled
Thought – A function of memory, faulty
Transformation – The birth of a new human, 100% negative energy meeting 100% positive energy
Truth – Ever living and dying, immortal, includes a lie
Try – A reason to fail, always trying, never doing
Violence – That which thought invented, confusion
Want – A weaker meaning of need, a negative energy
Woman – A figment, image, projection


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