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Robots R Us

Instead of working on all the contents in your life that are causing you problems, start looking at your life in context. A context is a large part of your life – a major theme of your life; whereas content is the smaller parts that fit into the context. If you look at your life in context you can see the whole picture.

We can pick any context or theme of our lives and see all the content within it. Sometimes it is easier to start with picking a smaller context, as it might be more obvious and easier to work with.… Read More

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The Truth will Set you Free

The old saying, “the truth will set you free”  is so much deeper than that because it has to do with speaking the truth. People get in arguments about “What is truth”, and “nobody knows what the truth is.” and “It is your truth or my truth.”

They don’t realize that speaking truth is the doorway to the universal truth. The universal truth is in the action of speaking the truth. Universal truth includes your truth and my truth. We will still have ”Who took the last cookie”, and “Who slammed the door”. … Read More

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The Action of Asking

One way to keep yourself clean from belief and programming is to ask questions. The old adage of ask and you shall receive has so much depth to it if you listen to the words. Most people think that means they need to ask for money or things they want.

What it actually means is to ask a question, and then pause, don’t force an answer. This pause opens a space, which is the unknown. Into this space intelligence can enter.… Read More

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Do you Cheap Yourself?

Conversation with Edward Jones as he discusses Cheap with Dona Bilangi (as it is affecting her life).

If you discovered what is holding you back from transformation, there would be nothing to do since discovery is the thing needed to free you. It would already be done.

What is holding you back? One thing could be your laziness, which includes a lack of energy. Another block is being a defeatist, giving up, which is related to being negative. Sometimes there is so much negativity it is more like holding you down rather than just holding you back.… Read More

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We are our Context

We are the cause of our own surroundings and the way people treat us. When we see the context of our lives, we can see the contents and what is causing us to be the way we are.

There is a young man who is here sometimes, and he has no friends. If he is in a group of people, he is often left by himself; yet he doesn’t see that whenever anyone approaches him, he is un-approachable. He says he wants to have friends, and is sad that he doesn’t have any.… Read More

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Understanding – Do not stop there.

There is a distinction between knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge comes from what we have learned based on books and beliefs. It comes from the known.  Intelligence comes from the unknown.

Understanding something is of knowledge, from belief. Many people think that once they understand something, like transformation, that they are then transformed. Yet, this understanding of it is actually the thing that stops them from getting to the point of transformation. The understanding stops it because then you think you know it, you and stop there.… Read More


You Are What You See

The way you are, in a blown up and expanded way, is the way the world is. Most people think they are clear and clean and nice and it is everyone else who is causing the problems in the world. They want to blame others instead of looking at themselves.

If you could see that when there is a war on the planet, we are all 100 percent responsible for it. That would be perfect discovery. We are doing it, each of us.… Read More