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What are your thoughts?

If you are thinking, you are missing 99% of what is going on around you, and you cannot hear what someone else is saying. How much of the time are you thinking? Probably all of the time, so that is the amount of time you are not aware of what is going on or what others are saying.

We are told as young children to tell the truth and then told to be polite. Being polite is saying something good to someone even if that is not what we see is true.… Read More

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Observation transforms that which is being observed

Until you see the context you are living, it has total control of your life. Once it is seen, then you will notice it in the moment as it is happening, so it no longer controls you.

You can now start to live with the ability to act freely. Before, it was an unconscious program that you were reacting to every time something triggered you and since that was in all aspects of your life; you were living it all the time and not knowing it had you trapped.… Read More

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Ending War Now

Transformation is a cleansing of ourselves, an ending of our conditioning and the ending of our violence. In order for there to be no more wars in the world, we must first end all wars within ourselves.

Sometimes it seems like the action of transformation just happens because it does look that way. One moment a person is stuck in the programmed conditioning of the world, and the next they are transformed out of it. However, for myself there was a build-up leading to transformation that was not seen: I spent my life looking for the truth and speaking the truth until one day it all came together. … Read More

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An Empty Mind

In order to be free you must empty your mind. Thinking is our biggest problem because our thoughts keep us trapped in our current robotic condition. By robotic I mean that we have been trained and conditioned to react to whatever is going on in our lives.… Read More

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Unworthy or Vain – Which one are you?

The context of worthless can affect people in different ways, sometimes totally opposite in response to it. One person might go to the place of vanity where they have an over-inflated sense of themselves, a false pretense of being the most important thing on the planet.… Read More

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Discovering Your Life in Context

The words context and content are being used here to keep structure within our language because the words we use structure our lives. If we can learn to listen to ourselves as we speak and listen to what others have to say about us, we can see ourselves in context (the larger picture) and  in content (the smaller picture). Listening is probably the most integral part of discovering ourselves.

In most cases people are great gift-givers when they say various things about you.… Read More