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Giving and Receiving

It seems that there are those who are givers and those who are takers. They can come together if they invite each other rather than pulling apart. All you can do is make yourself available, spread your arms and invite others in. You cannot make them take you in because that is in love, and that is violence. This is the world’s way of being.

Sometimes when people touch each other there is a void there, a distance. They aren’t aware of what they are doing, pulling away.… Read More

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Do you Listen?

One of the biggest issues affecting us is the lack of listening. True listening with others entails having no thoughts, especially of already knowing. If you have an opinion, a reaction, anger, a judgment or you attack the speaker, that is an indication thought is present. Even the thought, “Am I listening?” isn’t listening. Listening requires a blank space in your mind, and from a blank space you can hear everything. From already knowing something you can only hear what applies to what you think you know.… Read More

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What is controlling you?

Control is one of the most powerful feelings we have because it doesn’t feel like anything. The only thing that control has a resistance to is not being able to control. It is the Big Daddy of all feelings, keeping all the other feelings in it. Control is very difficult for people to want to give up, which is a giving up of your self. If you are not willing to give up control, then control will use anger to keep people away from you, anger being just one of the hand maidens of control.… Read More

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Relationships – the struggle for Power and Control

Our egos are why we don’t have union/partnership with each other. We are worried about our feelings getting hurt. Often we attach the feelings with the people who first triggered it, and then we don’t go any deeper into it. For example, you might have had brothers who abused you, and you used to get angry when they mistreated you. After that, when you see or even think of your brothers, you get angry. But them abusing you is not really what caused the anger.… Read More

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Do Feelings Control You?

Someone on Facebook asked me this question: “What is the challenge to discovering ones feelings in order to speak truth about them?”

First of all, let me state here that I make a distinction between feelings and emotions. Feelings are frozen thoughts, things like anger, sadness or happiness, jealousy, greed, envy, guilt, pride, etc. Feelings come and go based on your thoughts. Discovering your feelings is a perfect action by itself, so there need not be any “reason” to do it as reasons sets up an expectation.… Read More

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What is Dumber than a Woman?

My father used to say, “The only thing dumber than a woman is two of them.” Even though I saw that was stupid when I was a child, there is some truth to it. We are all dumb, be it male or female. When there are two people, it doubles the dumbness; the more people, the dumber the group.

We are a whole world of conditioned robots. If the group is homogeneous, such as a group of women, then they will tend to agree with their beliefs and reinforce them.… Read More

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Addicted to …

What I speak about has to do with an eraser not a pen. It is not about taking notes or learning anything. It is about emptying, emptying your mind. One way of doing this is to write out your life story, or talking about your life to someone, without getting into the drama and trauma of it. Just state it as you remember it, and be aware that memory is faulty.

If you are caught up in wanting things, it will be very difficult to empty yourself.… Read More

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