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Guilt – Friend or Foe?

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Guilt is caused by having a sense of responsibility about something. This could be something we did or didn’t do, or something we imagined we did or didn’t do. By the latter I mean, for example, some children feel guilt over their parents’ divorce, as if they had something to do with it (an imagined sense of responsibility). If we speak up and take responsibility for it immediately then the guilt goes away.… Read More

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Can Knowledge alter what has been Created?

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You are the person that you created yourself to be. Can knowledge change that?

Knowledge cannot create because knowledge is of the past. It is our history. Since knowledge cannot create and you are the result of creation, then you are a result of Intelligence. So, if you are the result of Intelligence, knowledge cannot change that.

Psychologically, when you were born, there was a blank space. Then you created yourself a certain way based on your experiences, and now you are trying to use knowledge to change that.… Read More

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See Yourself in Your Life

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Often the mind will pick on a tiny little thing as a distraction to keep you from looking at your life, from seeing what is going on. You sometimes get obsessed about the smallest little thing and cannot seem to let it go. You might even see that is it silly, yet cannot stop obsessing about it. This is the mind distracting you. In magic, that is called “misdirection.” The media also uses it a lot in their reporting of the news.… Read More

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What is your Tone Saying?

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People think that what they believe is true even if they are faced with facts to the contrary. Belief is a frozen thought, and it is difficult for them to stop seeing it how they have always seen it. Belief is a waste of energy, because it always has to be defended and protected. Belief is a road block in your life, as you live your life from them.… Read More

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Belief vs Truth

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Belief is the most dangerous thing in the world. That is where we hold all our frozen thoughts and feelings, all our opinions and judgments, all the attachments that we have that keeps us in our pain and suffering. Because of belief, we justify most everything we do as being the right action, even down to the act of murder and war. Each of us created belief even before we were old enough to know what it is that we were doing, or even knew the name of it.… Read More

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Emotions – Love, Truth, Creation, Intelligence

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I make a distinction between feelings and emotions. Things like anger, sadness, jealousy, pride, happiness — those are all what I call feelings. They are frozen thoughts, and they are removable, changeable, because they are not real.
Emotions are real and they are not removable.They have no “feeling” attached to them, they are in the action not in a feeling. Emotions are Truth, Love, Creation and Intelligence.

Truth and love are half in the old consciousness and half in the new consciousness.… Read More

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Want Wants More

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“Want” causes only pain and suffering, as you will never get what it is you want. All “want” can do is “want more”. Children are taught to “want” almost as soon as they are born. They are asked to make choices, to make comparisons and to assess that one thing as “better” than another. This is the beginning of “want.” If you see a child who just wants more, more, more ..… Read More

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Let Go of Control

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Most people were brought up with anger and yelling in their homes, and they think that is normal. Some think they cannot have a relationship with someone unless there is anger and yelling. They don’t know what it will be like without it, and there is resistance to doing something that is unknown. Even if the partner doesn’t want to get in an argument, sometimes they are forced into it by the manner in which the other acts.… Read More

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See Who You Are

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Some people say they want transformation, yet want is not a strong enough motivation. The next step up from want is need; then comes necessity; then essential; and then, “I am either going to die or get this.” That is the progression towards motivation.

For transformation you probably need to get to the latter stage or have no motivation at all. Having no motivation at all comes spontaneously from complete discontent if there is no part of your life you are content with.… Read More

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Helping – is it helpful?

In the cycle of give and receive, receiving is more difficult to do. To give something you just need to put your hand out and give something. To receive, you first have to accept it, and that means you have to open yourself up. Otherwise it cannot get in. If you accept something it becomes part of you, and you don’t owe anything for it. There was an offer made and you accepted it. Also, to receive you need to let go of control in order to allow something in, and most people have difficulty doing that.… Read More

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