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Manipulation is Manipulating You

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We live in a world of manipulation, and most people don’t even realize it. We learn from early childhood that we need to lie and manipulate in order to get things, and we continue with it throughout our lives. Often we even manipulate ourselves and don’t even know it.

A female friend of mine told me about how as a young adult she would like to flirt. She often went beyond a point with men that made it almost impossible for her to say “no” to have sex with them.… Read More

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The Fake Self

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Many books written by millionaires state that to become a millionaire discover what millionaires do and then do that. Maybe the millionaire first says to get up at 6 A.M. and read the NY Times or exercise or do this or that. You read that and say,“To hell with this.” so you don’t get up until 10 A.M.; you don’t read the newspaper or exercise or anything else he says to do. Now you are already not following his plan, and then you will say his plan didn’t work.… Read More

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Men’s and Women’s Club

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If you feel guilty about something it is because you did something which was not true to yourself. So you have a “feeling” you label as guilt, and that is there so you are aware of what you did and can look at it. Then you can speak the truth of it and take responsibility for it, which ends the guilt. But, if you have the guilt feeling and have an excuse for your actions, then the guilt gets stuck inside and festers and eats you alive and makes your whole life miserable.… Read More

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Journey Through Hell

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Often people have internal or psychological experiences, which is imagination. However, those imaginings can be “in the moment experiences” that are psychologically real. These experiences can cause a transformation if they are taken to 100 percent, and, also, they can be a clearing of your psychological experiences. For example, you might psychologically experience the collective religious belief of hell and see that we are currently living in hell. The collective vision of hell is usually something “down there,” maybe even in a hole, and you may have an experience of moving out of hell toward transformation.… Read More

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Trust Yourself

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The world of knowledge, the illusory world of language, is a mirror image of what is the reality of intelligence. The mirror image of trust is belief. In that mirror image of knowledge, when we believe something we trust that it is true, and we put our trust in it. We study something and then look at it, we are using thinking to guide us. From the belief of our studies, we think that we know what we need to do.… Read More

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Keeping Your Word

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Keeping your word is part of staying in integrity. We live in a world where people don’t keep their word, and they have many excuses why they didn’t do what they said they are going to do. As a result they never realize that they made a mistake, so they will keep repeating it. They often don’t even realize they are giving their word when making a commitment to do something or be somewhere.… Read More

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