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The Secret to a New Life

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When we are born, we are perfect, intelligent beings; then the world of knowledge forces us into a world of pain, suffering and violence. Intelligence cannot force, so in the past our natural intelligence was buried under the forcefulness of knowledge. The time has now come for that intelligence to emerge and for knowledge to take a back seat instead of the driver’s seat where it has been for thousands of years.… Read More

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Responsibility is Not Blame

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The brains of babies are empty of information, so they absorb everything immediately and in quantum. Every baby has a multitude of experiences they cannot put words on, and later on in life they will have an experience, recognize it, and label it then. They can only recognize it because they had experienced it before. Most of the experiences we build our whole life on happen prior to having any language to put on them.… Read More

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Owning is Owning You

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The words “me,” “my” and “I” show ownership in our language. “Me” and “my” point toward something owned, and “I” points to the self, the ego, which shows ownership of a thought, a feeling or an attachment of some kind. When there is ownership, there is pride included, so every time those words are said, then there is a sense of pride/ownership with whatever you are saying.

Perhaps experiment with removing those words from your vocabulary and see how difficult it is speak without them.… Read More

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Being 100 Percent

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When you notice your fake self (the one you created around the age four), you will probably notice it at first from the level of that fake self. Later on, there might be a new level of awareness that sees it. If you get to the place where you are watching yourself, as you are the player on the stage (as Shakespeare points to), then that is a huge step. True awareness happens after that step.… Read More

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Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness

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We are all participating in what could be termed a “conspiracy of ineffectiveness.’’ The word conspire means to breathe together. We have all been brought up to conspire together to be ineffective, meaning to be less than we can be. The conspiracy started when we were first told to lie, which usually occurred when we were very young, when we were told to be polite, and not to say the things children naturally blurt out.… Read More

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