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Knowing Nothing

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Knowing nothing is like standing in the middle of the world in front of seven billion people and throwing your clothes off and being completely naked. You would feel completely open and vulnerable; and if you were able to do that, nothing would scare you after that. The more you bare yourself and the larger audience you have when you bare yourself, the greater the experience of transformational opening.

A person I know came here and put up a lot of money to renovate a house, not knowing if she would get her money back out of it.… Read More

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Admit Your Mistakes

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Sometimes I give people directions, not because I think I know the best way of doing something or that I know better, but to see if they can follow directions. Are they going to do what I asked them to do? The most valuable people in my life are those who do what I ask them to do. It shows that they care to support rather than tear down.

If you are in a partnership with another person, you need to work together and be able to support each other.… Read More

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Creating Structure in Your Life

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Children see everything around them, and they see it whole – with intelligence. They learn from their parents’ actions and tone of voice much more than from their words. They experience everything from their senses — what they hear, see, smell, touch and taste. They are viewing from the place of intelligence and seeing a world of insanity, and without realizing it, chances are they move away from it rather than just seeing the insanity of it all.… Read More

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Being Coy

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We have been taught that we cannot speak the truth of things because speaking truth has almost always gotten us in trouble. As a result we learned to use manipulation to get the things we want. Most people are not aware of the way they manipulate.

Some people are what I call takers and don’t realize it, they think they are being coy. Coy is making a pretense of being shy or modest, and it is a manipulation.… Read More

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Wonder is Discovery

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Living in wonder is living in the world of discovery. If you want to know something, then you have left the world of wonder. This can be confusing because often we say “I wonder“ and then ask a question that looks for an answer in knowledge. Yet, if you look at the question you ask, you might see that it is an opening to the state of wonder. You may wonder what makes the world go round, then go off and discover what does make it go around.… Read More

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The “I don’t know”

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The entry point between the world of knowledge and intelligence is actually in “I don’t know.” That is not a statement. It is a place. It is the unknown. Furthermore, there are two “I don’t know’s.” You do not know that you do not know. Because the mind can easily trick you, when you come across the first “I don’t know;” you think you are there in the unknown. However, it takes that you do not know “that” you do not know to actually be there.… Read More

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