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What We Resist Persists

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Sometimes people hear what I have to say as an insult or a “put down”, and other people can see it as an opportunity to see themselves more clearly. It all depends on if you care to hear the truth about yourself or if you want to continue to hear the lies.

Sometimes people think I am hitting them with a 2 X 4 board, and others only notice me gently pointing; yet I am the same with everyone.… Read More

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A Stop Point need Not be an Ending

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It seems strange to me that the most important thing in a person’s life isn’t themselves. The most important thing is their image, their ego, is the “like and the dislike”, is the way they look. People seemingly don’t give 100%, their life is not a “life or death” thing. They are not serious about transforming their lives.

They get to a place and then they stop, I call that a stop point.… Read More

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Is there a nail sticking out of your forehead?

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You need to take responsibility for everything you think, say and do; for everything in your life. This is why I say to pick a context in your life and take it all the way through to its end. By context I mean, see a major theme that is occurring in your life, such as unworthy, or vain, or victim, or anger … etc. Then notice when it is happening in your life.… Read More

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