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Create Creation – The Manner in Which Words Create our Lives

Create creation book coverThis book will present to you things you can do to catch yourself in the moment of truth as you are being it. It may be your anger, your fear, your manipulations, your sorrow, your worries or a dozen of feelings you bring forth every day. That is where your truth lies. It is hidden behind all of your feelings and attachments. This may not be an easy thing to do, unveiling the truth of yourself, as much of it is ugly, but it is the liberating feature that speaking the truth of self brings to you. Mark Twain declared, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Speaking the truth frees the mind to live in the moment because you’re not using all your energy to remember and live the lie. Truth is a living, vibrant thing. It lives and dies every second. Lies do not die until the truth of them is spoken.

Raising Sane – Is It Possible To Raise A Sane Child In An Insane World 

Raising Sane

Children are born pristine, and as they grow, they see us and what we do which conditions them the same as we were conditioned. If we loved our children, we would not prepare our children for the world. We would prepare the world for our children and ourselves. Within the pages of this book, you will discover the energy of linguistics when truth is spoken and that we are creating our lives from the words we speak. We have been creating a negative existence with the beliefs and lies we pass down to our children which have been passed down to us and to each generation for thousands of years. In discovering what you can do to raise a sane child, you will also discover what to do to raise the child in you. Our present behavior on this planet shows we are all acting as angry children having a temper tantrum. Within the relationship with ourselves and our children, we can transform the world into a safe and sane place to live.

Self Transformation – A New You

 book - self transformation 3-d 200x269 book 72dpiFrom his talks and workshops with others, Edward Jones speaks from the source of the new consciousness. He outlines the action needed to bring forth the first psychological evolution of the human mind. Our present consciousness is responsible for the destruction of our world. The ending of violence begins with a transformation of self, bringing forth a new you and a new world.




A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source

A New Consciousness Born

A hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet.


How My Death Revealed The Secret To Life, An Autobiography

How my Death revealed the secret to life - book cover

On November 19, 1979, leaving a life of failures behind him, Edward Jones experienced a transformation which completely revolutionized the way he perceived reality. Edward’s former life of misery was now one of exquisite vibrancy. Pain lost its sting; fear no longer ruled his life. Every moment unfolded its potential as a wellspring of delight. He was permanently and irrevocably altered. The change was so complete, so profound, that afterward Edward could only say that he had died. Out of that death, a new consciousness was born. He sees and speaks of a world void of violence and suffering, and assists others in seeing the possibility of transformation within themselves and the world via online webinars, workshops, radio programs, Internet discussion rooms, videos, personal coaching as well as other books he has written. This book is his recounting of his personal journey to, and through, his self-transformation.


Free .pdf (downloadable) versions of the books are available by request of the author.

Contact Edward Jones to request your copy.


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Glossary of Words – a new way of seeing the words we use everyday

From  A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source: This glossary is not meant to change the meaning of words. It simply defines the words as I use them, and if you can get your mind wrapped around the words as I use them, perhaps we can develop clear communication between us.

Anger – A feeling, not real, removable
Assist – A partnership, a moving together
Belief – The death of a truth, the birth of a trap
Care – An emotion, not a feeling
Change – A shift in awareness within the same consciousness
Compassion – An emotion, not a feeling
Complete – Perfect, whole, actualized
Content – The parts of a context
Context – All of
Create – An act of speech, a beginning, new
Creation – The context of life, complete
Dysfunctional – Society, all of us, used as a manipulation
Ecstasy – An emotion, something beyond happy
Effective – Perfect action while seeing
Emotion – Creation, Intelligence, Truth, Real, not removable
Excuse – What we use to show others we were not wrong, ineffective
Experience – What is happening now
Explanation – An excuse, explained away
Father – A figment, image, projection
Feeling(s) – Not real, ego protector, barrier
Female – A provable entity
God – May or may not be, does not need to be believed
Happy – A feeling, 1/2 of Sad
Help – Something the helpless need, does not work, ineffective
Ineffectiveness – The way of our world
Intelligence – Love in action
Intent – A movement towards, is created
Jealousy – A feeling, not real, removable
Justifiable – An excuse, justified by oneself
Know – A frozen belief
Knowledge – Thought in action, memory, faulty
Lie – The smallest part of truth
Love – Ever alive, no feeling, has lost its meaning in today’s world
Male – A provable entity
Man – A figment, image, projection
Manipulation – The way of the world, a function of thought
Maybe – The beginning of a possibility, suspending a belief for a moment
Mistake – A place to learn from when seen and spoken as a mistake
Money – Bankrupt, a trap
Mother – A figment, image, projection
Need – Something we may not have to have and think we do
New – Not having been before, not recognizable, created
Normal – A figment, cannot be defined
Pain (emotional) – A feeling, not real, removable
Perfect – Complete, actualized, includes a flaw
Possibility – A small opening which may or may not expand a place to listen  from
Power – The highest form of manipulation, money is at its core
Real – Something seeable, true, not of belief
Reasonable – An excuse, made reasonable for oneself
Right/Wrong – A figment, all right includes a wrong and vice-versa
Sad – A feeling, one-half of happy
Shock (Psychological) – When a small negative energy meets a small positive energy
See – To look without the mind interfering, aware
Society – The black hole, cannot be filled
Thought – A function of memory, faulty
Transformation – The birth of a new human, 100% negative energy meeting 100% positive energy
Truth – Ever living and dying, immortal, includes a lie
Try – A reason to fail, always trying, never doing
Violence – That which thought invented, confusion
Want – A weaker meaning of need, a negative energy
Woman – A figment, image, projection








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