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What We Resist Persists

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Sometimes people hear what I have to say as an insult or a “put down”, and other people can see it as an opportunity to see themselves more clearly. It all depends on if you care to hear the truth about yourself or if you want to continue to hear the lies.

Sometimes people think I am hitting them with a 2 X 4 board, and others only notice me gently pointing; yet I am the same with everyone.… Read More

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A Stop Point need Not be an Ending

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It seems strange to me that the most important thing in a person’s life isn’t themselves. The most important thing is their image, their ego, is the “like and the dislike”, is the way they look. People seemingly don’t give 100%, their life is not a “life or death” thing. They are not serious about transforming their lives.

They get to a place and then they stop, I call that a stop point.… Read More

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Is there a nail sticking out of your forehead?

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You need to take responsibility for everything you think, say and do; for everything in your life. This is why I say to pick a context in your life and take it all the way through to its end. By context I mean, see a major theme that is occurring in your life, such as unworthy, or vain, or victim, or anger … etc. Then notice when it is happening in your life.… Read More

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Knowing Nothing

Free Music – Embed Audio – Knowing Nothing

Knowing nothing is like standing in the middle of the world in front of seven billion people and throwing your clothes off and being completely naked. You would feel completely open and vulnerable; and if you were able to do that, nothing would scare you after that. The more you bare yourself and the larger audience you have when you bare yourself, the greater the experience of transformational opening.

A person I know came here and put up a lot of money to renovate a house, not knowing if she would get her money back out of it.… Read More

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Admit Your Mistakes

Listen Music – Download Audio – Admit your mistakes

Sometimes I give people directions, not because I think I know the best way of doing something or that I know better, but to see if they can follow directions. Are they going to do what I asked them to do? The most valuable people in my life are those who do what I ask them to do. It shows that they care to support rather than tear down.

If you are in a partnership with another person, you need to work together and be able to support each other.… Read More

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Creating Structure in Your Life

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Children see everything around them, and they see it whole – with intelligence. They learn from their parents’ actions and tone of voice much more than from their words. They experience everything from their senses — what they hear, see, smell, touch and taste. They are viewing from the place of intelligence and seeing a world of insanity, and without realizing it, chances are they move away from it rather than just seeing the insanity of it all.… Read More

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Being Coy

Share Music – Download Audio – Being Coy

We have been taught that we cannot speak the truth of things because speaking truth has almost always gotten us in trouble. As a result we learned to use manipulation to get the things we want. Most people are not aware of the way they manipulate.

Some people are what I call takers and don’t realize it, they think they are being coy. Coy is making a pretense of being shy or modest, and it is a manipulation.… Read More

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Wonder is Discovery

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Living in wonder is living in the world of discovery. If you want to know something, then you have left the world of wonder. This can be confusing because often we say “I wonder“ and then ask a question that looks for an answer in knowledge. Yet, if you look at the question you ask, you might see that it is an opening to the state of wonder. You may wonder what makes the world go round, then go off and discover what does make it go around.… Read More

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The “I don’t know”

Upload Music Files – Download Audio – the i don’t know

The entry point between the world of knowledge and intelligence is actually in “I don’t know.” That is not a statement. It is a place. It is the unknown. Furthermore, there are two “I don’t know’s.” You do not know that you do not know. Because the mind can easily trick you, when you come across the first “I don’t know;” you think you are there in the unknown. However, it takes that you do not know “that” you do not know to actually be there.… Read More

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The Secret to a New Life

Listen Music – Upload Audio – the secret to a new life

When we are born, we are perfect, intelligent beings; then the world of knowledge forces us into a world of pain, suffering and violence. Intelligence cannot force, so in the past our natural intelligence was buried under the forcefulness of knowledge. The time has now come for that intelligence to emerge and for knowledge to take a back seat instead of the driver’s seat where it has been for thousands of years.… Read More

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Responsibility is Not Blame

Upload Music Files – Free Audio – Responsibility is not blame

The brains of babies are empty of information, so they absorb everything immediately and in quantum. Every baby has a multitude of experiences they cannot put words on, and later on in life they will have an experience, recognize it, and label it then. They can only recognize it because they had experienced it before. Most of the experiences we build our whole life on happen prior to having any language to put on them.… Read More

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Owning is Owning You

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The words “me,” “my” and “I” show ownership in our language. “Me” and “my” point toward something owned, and “I” points to the self, the ego, which shows ownership of a thought, a feeling or an attachment of some kind. When there is ownership, there is pride included, so every time those words are said, then there is a sense of pride/ownership with whatever you are saying.

Perhaps experiment with removing those words from your vocabulary and see how difficult it is speak without them.… Read More

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Being 100 Percent

Listen Music – Embed Audio Files – Being 100 percent

When you notice your fake self (the one you created around the age four), you will probably notice it at first from the level of that fake self. Later on, there might be a new level of awareness that sees it. If you get to the place where you are watching yourself, as you are the player on the stage (as Shakespeare points to), then that is a huge step. True awareness happens after that step.… Read More

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Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness

Upload Music – Listen Audio – Conspiracy_of_ineffectiveness

We are all participating in what could be termed a “conspiracy of ineffectiveness.’’ The word conspire means to breathe together. We have all been brought up to conspire together to be ineffective, meaning to be less than we can be. The conspiracy started when we were first told to lie, which usually occurred when we were very young, when we were told to be polite, and not to say the things children naturally blurt out.… Read More

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Manipulation is Manipulating You

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We live in a world of manipulation, and most people don’t even realize it. We learn from early childhood that we need to lie and manipulate in order to get things, and we continue with it throughout our lives. Often we even manipulate ourselves and don’t even know it.

A female friend of mine told me about how as a young adult she would like to flirt. She often went beyond a point with men that made it almost impossible for her to say “no” to have sex with them.… Read More

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The Fake Self

Free Music – Free Audio – the_fake_self

Many books written by millionaires state that to become a millionaire discover what millionaires do and then do that. Maybe the millionaire first says to get up at 6 A.M. and read the NY Times or exercise or do this or that. You read that and say,“To hell with this.” so you don’t get up until 10 A.M.; you don’t read the newspaper or exercise or anything else he says to do. Now you are already not following his plan, and then you will say his plan didn’t work.… Read More

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Men’s and Women’s Club

Upload Music – Embed Audio – Mens and womens club

If you feel guilty about something it is because you did something which was not true to yourself. So you have a “feeling” you label as guilt, and that is there so you are aware of what you did and can look at it. Then you can speak the truth of it and take responsibility for it, which ends the guilt. But, if you have the guilt feeling and have an excuse for your actions, then the guilt gets stuck inside and festers and eats you alive and makes your whole life miserable.… Read More

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Journey Through Hell

Music Hosting – Audio Hosting – Journey through Hell

Often people have internal or psychological experiences, which is imagination. However, those imaginings can be “in the moment experiences” that are psychologically real. These experiences can cause a transformation if they are taken to 100 percent, and, also, they can be a clearing of your psychological experiences. For example, you might psychologically experience the collective religious belief of hell and see that we are currently living in hell. The collective vision of hell is usually something “down there,” maybe even in a hole, and you may have an experience of moving out of hell toward transformation.… Read More

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Trust Yourself

Download Music – Download Audio – trust yourself

The world of knowledge, the illusory world of language, is a mirror image of what is the reality of intelligence. The mirror image of trust is belief. In that mirror image of knowledge, when we believe something we trust that it is true, and we put our trust in it. We study something and then look at it, we are using thinking to guide us. From the belief of our studies, we think that we know what we need to do.… Read More

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Keeping Your Word

Upload Music Files – Upload Audio – keeping your word

Keeping your word is part of staying in integrity. We live in a world where people don’t keep their word, and they have many excuses why they didn’t do what they said they are going to do. As a result they never realize that they made a mistake, so they will keep repeating it. They often don’t even realize they are giving their word when making a commitment to do something or be somewhere.… Read More

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Guilt – Friend or Foe?

Download Music – Download Audio – guilt – friend or foe

Guilt is caused by having a sense of responsibility about something. This could be something we did or didn’t do, or something we imagined we did or didn’t do. By the latter I mean, for example, some children feel guilt over their parents’ divorce, as if they had something to do with it (an imagined sense of responsibility). If we speak up and take responsibility for it immediately then the guilt goes away.… Read More

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Can Knowledge alter what has been Created?

Music Hosting – Listen Audio Files – can knowledge alter what has…

You are the person that you created yourself to be. Can knowledge change that?

Knowledge cannot create because knowledge is of the past. It is our history. Since knowledge cannot create and you are the result of creation, then you are a result of Intelligence. So, if you are the result of Intelligence, knowledge cannot change that.

Psychologically, when you were born, there was a blank space. Then you created yourself a certain way based on your experiences, and now you are trying to use knowledge to change that.… Read More

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See Yourself in Your Life

Free Music – Embed Audio – see yourself in your life

Often the mind will pick on a tiny little thing as a distraction to keep you from looking at your life, from seeing what is going on. You sometimes get obsessed about the smallest little thing and cannot seem to let it go. You might even see that is it silly, yet cannot stop obsessing about it. This is the mind distracting you. In magic, that is called “misdirection.” The media also uses it a lot in their reporting of the news.… Read More

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What is your Tone Saying?

Music File Hosting – Play Audio – what is your tone saying

People think that what they believe is true even if they are faced with facts to the contrary. Belief is a frozen thought, and it is difficult for them to stop seeing it how they have always seen it. Belief is a waste of energy, because it always has to be defended and protected. Belief is a road block in your life, as you live your life from them.… Read More

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Belief vs Truth

Music File Hosting – Play Audio – belief-vs-truth

Belief is the most dangerous thing in the world. That is where we hold all our frozen thoughts and feelings, all our opinions and judgments, all the attachments that we have that keeps us in our pain and suffering. Because of belief, we justify most everything we do as being the right action, even down to the act of murder and war. Each of us created belief even before we were old enough to know what it is that we were doing, or even knew the name of it.… Read More

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Emotions – Love, Truth, Creation, Intelligence

Listen Music Files – Audio Hosting – emotons – love truth creatio…

I make a distinction between feelings and emotions. Things like anger, sadness, jealousy, pride, happiness — those are all what I call feelings. They are frozen thoughts, and they are removable, changeable, because they are not real.
Emotions are real and they are not removable.They have no “feeling” attached to them, they are in the action not in a feeling. Emotions are Truth, Love, Creation and Intelligence.

Truth and love are half in the old consciousness and half in the new consciousness.… Read More

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Want Wants More

Play Music – Audio File Hosting – want wants more

“Want” causes only pain and suffering, as you will never get what it is you want. All “want” can do is “want more”. Children are taught to “want” almost as soon as they are born. They are asked to make choices, to make comparisons and to assess that one thing as “better” than another. This is the beginning of “want.” If you see a child who just wants more, more, more ..… Read More

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Let Go of Control

Free Music – Upload Audio Files – let go of control

Most people were brought up with anger and yelling in their homes, and they think that is normal. Some think they cannot have a relationship with someone unless there is anger and yelling. They don’t know what it will be like without it, and there is resistance to doing something that is unknown. Even if the partner doesn’t want to get in an argument, sometimes they are forced into it by the manner in which the other acts.… Read More

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See Who You Are

Download Music – Download Audio – see who you are

Some people say they want transformation, yet want is not a strong enough motivation. The next step up from want is need; then comes necessity; then essential; and then, “I am either going to die or get this.” That is the progression towards motivation.

For transformation you probably need to get to the latter stage or have no motivation at all. Having no motivation at all comes spontaneously from complete discontent if there is no part of your life you are content with.… Read More

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Helping – is it helpful?

In the cycle of give and receive, receiving is more difficult to do. To give something you just need to put your hand out and give something. To receive, you first have to accept it, and that means you have to open yourself up. Otherwise it cannot get in. If you accept something it becomes part of you, and you don’t owe anything for it. There was an offer made and you accepted it. Also, to receive you need to let go of control in order to allow something in, and most people have difficulty doing that.… Read More

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Giving and Receiving

It seems that there are those who are givers and those who are takers. They can come together if they invite each other rather than pulling apart. All you can do is make yourself available, spread your arms and invite others in. You cannot make them take you in because that is in love, and that is violence. This is the world’s way of being.

Sometimes when people touch each other there is a void there, a distance. They aren’t aware of what they are doing, pulling away.… Read More

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Do you Listen?

One of the biggest issues affecting us is the lack of listening. True listening with others entails having no thoughts, especially of already knowing. If you have an opinion, a reaction, anger, a judgment or you attack the speaker, that is an indication thought is present. Even the thought, “Am I listening?” isn’t listening. Listening requires a blank space in your mind, and from a blank space you can hear everything. From already knowing something you can only hear what applies to what you think you know.… Read More

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What is controlling you?

Control is one of the most powerful feelings we have because it doesn’t feel like anything. The only thing that control has a resistance to is not being able to control. It is the Big Daddy of all feelings, keeping all the other feelings in it. Control is very difficult for people to want to give up, which is a giving up of your self. If you are not willing to give up control, then control will use anger to keep people away from you, anger being just one of the hand maidens of control.… Read More

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Relationships – the struggle for Power and Control

Our egos are why we don’t have union/partnership with each other. We are worried about our feelings getting hurt. Often we attach the feelings with the people who first triggered it, and then we don’t go any deeper into it. For example, you might have had brothers who abused you, and you used to get angry when they mistreated you. After that, when you see or even think of your brothers, you get angry. But them abusing you is not really what caused the anger.… Read More

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Do Feelings Control You?

Someone on Facebook asked me this question: “What is the challenge to discovering ones feelings in order to speak truth about them?”

First of all, let me state here that I make a distinction between feelings and emotions. Feelings are frozen thoughts, things like anger, sadness or happiness, jealousy, greed, envy, guilt, pride, etc. Feelings come and go based on your thoughts. Discovering your feelings is a perfect action by itself, so there need not be any “reason” to do it as reasons sets up an expectation.… Read More

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What is Dumber than a Woman?

My father used to say, “The only thing dumber than a woman is two of them.” Even though I saw that was stupid when I was a child, there is some truth to it. We are all dumb, be it male or female. When there are two people, it doubles the dumbness; the more people, the dumber the group.

We are a whole world of conditioned robots. If the group is homogeneous, such as a group of women, then they will tend to agree with their beliefs and reinforce them.… Read More

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Addicted to …

What I speak about has to do with an eraser not a pen. It is not about taking notes or learning anything. It is about emptying, emptying your mind. One way of doing this is to write out your life story, or talking about your life to someone, without getting into the drama and trauma of it. Just state it as you remember it, and be aware that memory is faulty.

If you are caught up in wanting things, it will be very difficult to empty yourself.… Read More

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What are your thoughts?

If you are thinking, you are missing 99% of what is going on around you, and you cannot hear what someone else is saying. How much of the time are you thinking? Probably all of the time, so that is the amount of time you are not aware of what is going on or what others are saying.

We are told as young children to tell the truth and then told to be polite. Being polite is saying something good to someone even if that is not what we see is true.… Read More

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Observation transforms that which is being observed

Until you see the context you are living, it has total control of your life. Once it is seen, then you will notice it in the moment as it is happening, so it no longer controls you.

You can now start to live with the ability to act freely. Before, it was an unconscious program that you were reacting to every time something triggered you and since that was in all aspects of your life; you were living it all the time and not knowing it had you trapped.… Read More

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Ending War Now

Transformation is a cleansing of ourselves, an ending of our conditioning and the ending of our violence. In order for there to be no more wars in the world, we must first end all wars within ourselves.

Sometimes it seems like the action of transformation just happens because it does look that way. One moment a person is stuck in the programmed conditioning of the world, and the next they are transformed out of it. However, for myself there was a build-up leading to transformation that was not seen: I spent my life looking for the truth and speaking the truth until one day it all came together. … Read More

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An Empty Mind

In order to be free you must empty your mind. Thinking is our biggest problem because our thoughts keep us trapped in our current robotic condition. By robotic I mean that we have been trained and conditioned to react to whatever is going on in our lives.… Read More

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Unworthy or Vain – Which one are you?

The context of worthless can affect people in different ways, sometimes totally opposite in response to it. One person might go to the place of vanity where they have an over-inflated sense of themselves, a false pretense of being the most important thing on the planet.… Read More

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Discovering Your Life in Context

The words context and content are being used here to keep structure within our language because the words we use structure our lives. If we can learn to listen to ourselves as we speak and listen to what others have to say about us, we can see ourselves in context (the larger picture) and  in content (the smaller picture). Listening is probably the most integral part of discovering ourselves.

In most cases people are great gift-givers when they say various things about you.… Read More


Robots R Us

Instead of working on all the contents in your life that are causing you problems, start looking at your life in context. A context is a large part of your life – a major theme of your life; whereas content is the smaller parts that fit into the context. If you look at your life in context you can see the whole picture.

We can pick any context or theme of our lives and see all the content within it. Sometimes it is easier to start with picking a smaller context, as it might be more obvious and easier to work with.… Read More

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The Truth will Set you Free

The old saying, “the truth will set you free”  is so much deeper than that because it has to do with speaking the truth. People get in arguments about “What is truth”, and “nobody knows what the truth is.” and “It is your truth or my truth.”

They don’t realize that speaking truth is the doorway to the universal truth. The universal truth is in the action of speaking the truth. Universal truth includes your truth and my truth. We will still have ”Who took the last cookie”, and “Who slammed the door”. … Read More

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The Action of Asking

One way to keep yourself clean from belief and programming is to ask questions. The old adage of ask and you shall receive has so much depth to it if you listen to the words. Most people think that means they need to ask for money or things they want.

What it actually means is to ask a question, and then pause, don’t force an answer. This pause opens a space, which is the unknown. Into this space intelligence can enter.… Read More

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Do you Cheap Yourself?

Conversation with Edward Jones as he discusses Cheap with Dona Bilangi (as it is affecting her life).

If you discovered what is holding you back from transformation, there would be nothing to do since discovery is the thing needed to free you. It would already be done.

What is holding you back? One thing could be your laziness, which includes a lack of energy. Another block is being a defeatist, giving up, which is related to being negative. Sometimes there is so much negativity it is more like holding you down rather than just holding you back.… Read More

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We are our Context

We are the cause of our own surroundings and the way people treat us. When we see the context of our lives, we can see the contents and what is causing us to be the way we are.

There is a young man who is here sometimes, and he has no friends. If he is in a group of people, he is often left by himself; yet he doesn’t see that whenever anyone approaches him, he is un-approachable. He says he wants to have friends, and is sad that he doesn’t have any.… Read More

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Understanding – Do not stop there.

There is a distinction between knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge comes from what we have learned based on books and beliefs. It comes from the known.  Intelligence comes from the unknown.

Understanding something is of knowledge, from belief. Many people think that once they understand something, like transformation, that they are then transformed. Yet, this understanding of it is actually the thing that stops them from getting to the point of transformation. The understanding stops it because then you think you know it, you and stop there.… Read More


You Are What You See

The way you are, in a blown up and expanded way, is the way the world is. Most people think they are clear and clean and nice and it is everyone else who is causing the problems in the world. They want to blame others instead of looking at themselves.

If you could see that when there is a war on the planet, we are all 100 percent responsible for it. That would be perfect discovery. We are doing it, each of us.… Read More