What is Consciousness?

Being conscious simply means to be aware, alive and breathing, to see and hear. We are born of that life force energy as all animals are, but animals retain little more than an awareness of their present place and circumstances. They do not have the same consciousness that humans have. Of course animals can be trained to behave in a certain manner, just the same as humans, but they do not seem to hold the memories to which we humans cling, and it is these memories which hold us hostage to the past and all its misery.

We are born conscious but without the consciousness of being a self. We are alive completely within our five senses. We are creation itself, and there is no consciousness of being separate. Then, in time, the already invented consciousness is forced on us. That force is an override into an already intelligent entity which is truly alive.

The present human consciousness is the core of all of us, and that is what our actions emulate, that which we bring forth in our lives. This consciousness holds our perceptions of the world, and our perceptions are coloured by what we have been taught. Human consciousness consists of our beliefs, prejudices, ideas, values, hopes, worries; all of our feelings.  Simply put, consciousness is a program of who we are, what to do, who to be, how to act, and what to believe. In short, consciousness is its contents— all that has been put into it. All of the aforementioned attitudes were not present at our birth, and it was at our birth that we possessed a pure consciousness, one not polluted by the beliefs and attitudes of all that has gone before.

Surely, most anyone can see that the current consciousness on this planet has its core in violence. It is based on the thinking and actions of past generations for thousands of years. This is the old consciousness, one that is dead in the sense that it has been brought forth from the dead.

A new, pure consciousness is available to all of us now, and it is needed on the planet if we are to survive.  A pure consciousness has no attachments to what we have been taught, but it does have an immeasurable capacity for distinction—seeing outside of judgment. This keen distinction is born of pure intelligence into a consciousness that hasn’t been polluted by carrying old thinking patterns into it.

The human brain has not only the capacity to remember enormous amounts of knowledge, knowledge which has brought such marvellous inventions to our way of life, but it also has the ability to make tiny distinctions. If the tiny distinctions present in all aspects of daily life are not seen, belief rather than truth gains a foothold and pollutes our consciousness. That is why we need to not believe anything, but we can experiment, see, and act by our distinctions. Seeing and speaking truth of all aspects of our lives empties and keeps the consciousness pure and pristine.

There is nothing old in a pure consciousness other than memory needed to function physically in this world. The memories to which we are now attached keep us logged into the past, and the past is always dead. The mind seems to go around in an incessant circle of thinking.  All of our psychological feelings are born out of our thinking, and thinking is our only problem, for there is no original thinking. Every thought we have has its birth from a thought that went before. Seeing the truth of this in ourselves and speaking it deletes the override we received at a very young age.

So, any leading edge thinker, teacher or preacher who is still in the present consciousness is leading toward our destruction.  Our present selfish, greedy, egotistical consciousness has no solutions within it. We need a completely new consciousness—one that does not follow the pathways of our million year old, violent brain. It is the brain which holds the contents of which our consciousness is made.

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