Linguistic Creation


Linguistic Creation

The language we speak is probably the most important thing we do in our lives, and speaking the truth is of the greatest importance. Speaking truth is the first step to realizing transformation, and that step is a continuous step in remaining free. We have created what we bring forth in our lives from the words we speak.

Abracadabra is an ancient word often used in magic, but it means “I create what I speak.” The action of speaking is the action of creation, but as with so many other things, knowledge and belief get in the way. If you think you are creating, or you sit around and think about something to create, that is not creation. Anything repeated from your thinking or beliefs cannot create.

Creation is an act of language, and the linguistic action of creating comes from something being spoken for the first time. If something is repeated, I say that is invention. Thought can only repeat things from the past. If you are using thought, you are bringing your history forth into your future, and I call that negative creation. Using thought to guide your life is keeping all the same old patterns in your now.

As with anything, if you are going to create possibilities in your life, you must first make a space for them. Seeing and speaking the truth of what you have become in your present daily life needs to be spoken first in order to make a space for creation to manifest. The space of creation contains nothing.

Also, when I hear people speak negatively, I will ask them to cancel what they just said because negativity is also created by the words we use. People who don’t see all the possibilities of something and say “that’s not possible” have created negativity in their lives. It is important for you to cancel the negative in your life when you hear yourself speak it by saying out loud, “cancel that.”

Each time something is repeated from knowledge, as it is in magic, it comes from thought. You are also using thought when you imagine the future, and you are actually skipping right over the now, never experiencing now. In using thought, you are always repeating the past, and the past is what you need to leave behind in order to create something new. Creation cannot be repeated as it is forever new. This is the distinction between creation and invention.

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