Self Transformation – Audio and eBook

Self Transformation, A New You – Audio and eBook
by Edward Jones (recording by Brian Rismoen)


This book holds the secret to life, and shows you what is necessary for you to create “A NEW YOU”.

This book will reveal truths you have never heard before, in a way that will allow you to find it yourself (no spoon-fed answers), though the answers are plain for you to see when you see that the questions are more important than the answers.

NOW … Sit back and relax and come to a zero state (mind at rest) and listen with his words.

Here is the audio version of the book, Self Transformation, A New You. Just click on any Chapter you want to listen to and it will start playing. It will play through continuously unless you click the button next to the fast forward (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing in). This will cause it to stop after each chapter.

If you want to download it to your computer, smart phone (that can play MP3 audio files), or any MP3 player, use the links below.

Self Transformation, A New You – Introduction

Self Transformation – Chapter One – Transformation

Self Transformation – Chapter Two – Speaking Truth

Self Transformation – Chapter Three – Programming

Self Transformation – Chapter Four – Words

Self Transformation – Chapter Five – Emotions

Self Transformation – Chapter Six – The Workshop – First Half

Self Transformation – Chapter Seven – The Workshop – Second Half

Self Transformation – Chapter Eight – Perspective

Self Transformation – Chapter Nine – California

Self Transformation – Chapter Ten – The Source

You can also download the ebook so you can follow along as you listen:

Self Transformation – A New You – ebook

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