What is controlling you?

Control is one of the most powerful feelings we have because it doesn’t feel like anything. The only thing that control has a resistance to is not being able to control. It is the Big Daddy of all feelings, keeping all the other feelings in it. Control is very difficult for people to want to give up, which is a giving up of your self. If you are not willing to give up control, then control will use anger to keep people away from you, anger being just one of the hand maidens of control. If you have any kind of reaction to something, you can almost guarantee there is some form of control involved. We don’t see our need to control as it is hidden behind all of the other feelings it uses to control. That is why it is the Big Daddy of all.

Power is also included with control. When someone can see other people’s weaknesses, they can use those weaknesses against others to gain control over them. The person who has the power also has the control. Power and money go together as well. They are both ways to control others. Those who have the money have the power, and those who have the power have the control.

Then there is control of self, which doesn’t seem to include any power from an external source. However, governments, religions, and all the power people count on you having no control over what they say you need to have, or do, or believe. They count on people wanting money, wanting God or Jesus, wanting happiness, or wanting the security of government. Those power people use all those things to control people. Most all of the advertisements you see on TV are used to control people. We are so lazy in our minds that we buy into their propaganda, and then they control what we do to get those things they’ve convinced us we need or want.

Some people say there are natural forces of power in the world, such as volcanoes or earthquakes, but I make a distinction between those and the manipulations people use against others. For the natural sources of power, I use the word energy rather than power. The word power includes violence in it whereas the word energy is softer and has no violence included in it. Most people have lost their life’s energy for truth, love and intelligence by wanting the things the power people have convinced them to want. It is in love and truth that intelligence comes about, and then we cannot be manipulated by any external power.

You see some women who are models and working walking down runways using their sexual “powers” to make $250,000 or more, and they have the same thing that other women have. And then you have a prostitute selling her body for $50. Who is it that considers the value of them? Of course, the person who is doing that does.

Whatever you think you are worth is the value you will put on yourself, and usually the value you put on yourself has been put there by those people who are controlling your mind.

Control is often hidden. Even when it is pointed out, it is so unconscious that it cannot be seen. The manner in which we are living has caused us to have continuous wars, and we are still doing it. We have let the people in power convince us that we need to go overseas to fight and kill others and control what another country does. We are still living in the manner that causes us to continue that, not realizing we are the cause of the wars. Two people fighting with each other is the same as a world war. If we were to end control, violence, and war in ourselves, that would end it on the planet.

You can have intent to stop the war within yourself. If you are out trying to end world wars by joining causes and “fighting for world peace,” you are ignoring yourself, but within you is where it needs to start. Even if you are working on yourself, thinking you are so peaceful, you are still in the world of angry people; and if you can see only their anger, that means you haven’t ended the war in yourself. The results of ending anger in you will show up in your life and in your relationships. They will transform automatically.

In other words, if you think you are becoming a person who doesn’t have any violence in you, then you wouldn’t see violence in others as well. If there is a difference observed, it would have to be in you first. You are what you see. In order to see the happening, you have to be at the level of the happening. In order to see negativity in another, the negativity is in you as well. It might be in the other person also, but you can be assured it is in you.
It is the level of your reaction to others that shows you what level something is in you. If you have a huge, angry outburst to something, then it is in you at a high level. If you see it, and yet it doesn’t affect you at all, then it is at a very small level. Then, if you look at another person’s actions, you might see anger without it being in you. If you see someone hitting another person, you can easily see that is violence without having any violence within yourself. If you see someone murder someone, you don’t have to be a murderer to know they are a murderer.

If you are taught to be polite, you have to control what you say and how you act in order to be polite, and yet, you do not see that as control. You just see that as being polite. With children it is even harder for them to have to control of what they are going to say as they aren’t fully conditioned yet. They have to change what they would have said to what they are told to say, which a lie because it is not what they see as the truth. It is also a control over the other person because being polite is trying to make the other person feel better in some way or having them like you, and that is a manipulation.

People who feel they are a victim often do not see how controlling they are or how they are controlling everyone around them. They have to constantly defend themselves, and in doing that they are usually attacking someone else. They need to control everything and everyone around them, as they are always in fear of being controlled themselves. So, if you feel you are a victim, you can almost guarantee that you are controlling someone or something in your life or possibly controlling everything.

About Edward Jones

Edward Jones, in 1979, had an experience of death ending in what he calls self-transformation. In modern terms, it has been suggested that it was a psychological death, "But if your ability to walk, talk, or think ends; and you return to consciousness, you will have had an experience of death. You will ultimately see that a psychological death would be experienced in the same manner as a physical death," he states. Unlike others who have had and speak of a transformation, Edward hand no idea of what happened to him during his four hour death experience. He'd had never delved into mysticism or any kind of Eastern thought, but what he experienced was exactly what millions have searched for forever. Edward calls it ecstasy--living with a new consciousness, one void of violence, stress, fear, and worry--being free. Edward was just a common ordinary business man who came face to face with all his failures in business, in marriage and all this world calls success. In facing that failure without excuse or reason and with truth, he came upon the source of all things. Because he had no previous knowledge of what had happened to him, he realized that he was the source of all that had happened to him. "There is a new consciousness born on the planet and it is available to you now." Edward relates this message in workshops, meetings, business, online forums and to all who come into contact with him. Edward carries this one message in his daily life: "There is no love on the planet, and that is good news because in realizing that, we can dispose of what we have been calling love, which is not love at all, and create the possibility of bringing forth Love, Truth, Intelligence and Creation to our war-laden manner of existing on this earth." Edward's books are not exactly fodder for the mind which is seeking success, money, stature, or security in this insane world. They are for the ones who care for internal peace for themselves and world peace for the planet. Edward died, and like the Phoenix he arose from the ashes of his old life to bring forth something new onto this planet. He discovered that is was a consciousness void of violence. It is our violence bringing us closer to the brink of destruction. Will we transform our lives, or will we self-destruct is the question that we need to ask of ourselves. Edward has devoted the last thirty years of his life bringing reaching out to people who are seriously considering the options before us.
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