The Energy of Words

The Energy of Words

When we are born, we immediately hear words—people talking, naming and labelling everything. It takes about four or five years for us to learn what the world is like. It is a world buried in words, entwined in both their usefulness and destructiveness. Words can carry us to the heights of discovery or take us into the realm of negativity. We have built a wall of words around ourselves, and we have become trapped within those walls. This is the energy of words and the thoughts that precede them.

We live from the words, seldom, if ever, touching the reality that is there before the word. We do not realize the power the word has over us or that we are controlled by words—by language.

Words have a depth to them. They are so deep that when you follow them, you get to the place of the word itself. The word happens after the thing you see, and if you ever care to become the real thing, you have to go through the word.

Look into your past, the history of your family, and there you will find exactly how you were conditioned. It was by the words spoken. They told you what to do, what not to do, what to believe, and, in general, how to live your life. It is that towering, massive dump load of words that convey to you what is wrong and what is right—all coming from the domain of belief. Belief keeps the illusionary world alive. Belief in the words causes you to experience your life in the manner which you do, which is the mirror image of what is actually real. If you are seeking reality, the real you, you will need to go into and beyond the words to see how they have you trapped in illusion, in duality, in emptiness and suffering.

First, you will need to see that words are not only your defense but, also, your offense. You will need to see that if you react to words that others say, you are controlled by words. You will need to see the words you react to when others say something that hurts your feelings and offends you or questions your beliefs. You need to see that the whole world lives by words. You will need to see that the same words that trap you can also free you.

At the present time, we have a whole list of words we cannot say, words that are not acceptable to certain groups of people, and this list keeps growing day by day. If we lose the ability to speak freely, we lose the ability to be free.

There is an old cliché, and I don’t like clichés, but this one is applicable to what you will need to know if you are to go beyond the effect that words have on you: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never harm you,”  and to that I add “unless you let them.” Words that we let hurt us become like a thorn stuck in a finger. It will fester, become infected and poisonous.

I say to people that the same thing that kills you can give you life or that you fight fire with fire.  The very word which has you trapped is the word you need used on you to make you vulnerable, pliable and open. It is only when you open a wound that the puss and the pain inside can come out.

In one of these workshops someone said, “Edward, you use a thorn to remove a thorn.’’

“Yes, I do, and that is why people get angry with me and leave the room,” I agreed. They are hurt by the prick of the words I use to remove the thorn of words.

When you learn that words cannot hurt you, unless you let them, anybody can say anything to you, and there is nothing but looking to see if what they said is true or not. Because you are now an open system, the words don’t stick in your ego. They just pass right on through.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if anybody could say anything to you and there is no reaction, no hurt, no anger, or no need to strike back? These workshops I do are very personal because I see if I can prod and poke you with the words you need that will hurt your ego, maybe putting a crack in it so you can hear what I am saying.  So, let’s take a journey into words, perhaps removing the sting they have on your feelings.

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