Two Selves

The Two Selves

Your real self arrives on the planet at the moment of your birth. Your brain is brand new, un-programmed, and immediately you begin to get filled with words.  This brain is empty of content; it has no man-made program downloaded on it. From that moment, the program takes over, and that is the beginning of your ego, the false self. All that this world is—its beliefs, its lies, its pains and pleasures—fill you, and you are you no longer the real self you were at your birth. You are the real self with labels attached, and over time, you keep getting filled with more programs, and the real you dies and you become nothing more than thought, just words. That is the false self.

As children we formed the manner in which we would live our lives by the time we were four. We believed the things that our parents told us—that Santa Clause and the tooth fairy were real and that there was a god and a devil and a heaven and hell, and we believed all of it. All belief s are lies, and we pass the lies on to our children, making this is a world of lies. We lie in marriages, we lie in business, we lie in religions, we lie in schools, and we lie in government. We are all liars, and we have created a world of illusion from words, and the brain we are born with becomes polluted with the fake. We can pretend that we are kind and do good deeds to fool ourselves that we are helping the world. We have separated ourselves from the truth, and we have each created this fake self.

The real self is kind. It cannot hurt. It cannot kill. It cannot be an aggressor, for it is intelligence, truth, and love. All it can do is stand by and silently and observe, even if it can see only through a tiny crack in the ego. This part of the real self does not completely die. It can’t because it is real, but it does become hidden behind the false. What does the real self want? Can it even want as want is something the ego does.

Is there a level of want that supersedes the want of the ego?  I say there is. It cannot completely die because it is the energy of the universe from which we are an off-shoot. We are that. The universe is infinite; it is vast, and it is a self-perpetuating whole which undergoes evolutionary changes over time. So even if this energy doesn’t have what we call a real want, it can’t help doing what it is doing.

This self-perpetuating energy is blooming and growing. It is said there is the calm before the storm, but in this case the storm is before the calm simply because the universe is perpetuating itself. We are not separate from it. If there were a god who brought the universe into being, we would be part of that god.

If we don’t fight this new growth, if we don’t try to change it; and if we let it grow, it will be what it is and that is what we are. That is the real self. The real self abides in the realm of not knowing, not knowing until it knows itself as it is being created, as is the universe; and then it knows everything as it is born anew in every infinitesimal second of self-perpetuation.

I say it is possible to diminish the ego to the smallest part of us, our name, and a small part of the ego is necessary for us to function in this world. Speaking truth in all of instances of our daily lives will diminish our false self.

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