Understanding – Don’t Stop There

Understanding – Don’t Stop There

There is a distinction between knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge has been learned from books and beliefs. It is the known. Intelligence comes from the unknown. Understanding something is an intellectual activity, and many people think that once they understand something, like transformation, they will get it. Yet, understanding it is actually what stops you from getting to the point of transformation. The understanding stops it because you then think you know it, and you stop there. You start out and get to the edge of the cliff where you stop and look down; and seeing the bottom, you think you now know it. Then it gets worse. You start repeating and believing what you see, and you keep reinforcing the belief until it is rock solid, and you sit there. In that place there is no more openness for discovery. Understanding is a function of how smart you are, and that is to your detriment.

A new consciousness would move you out of understanding and knowledge into intelligence, and with intelligence everything is presented to you in the moment of discovering the unknown. The unknown is the space of creation, meaning completely new—never having been before.

Without this new consciousness everything will continue to be the same as it has always been. A new consciousness is the only thing that will shift us out of where we are now which is world of violence. We cannot build a new consciousness from the old one. It has to be completely new. If we attempt to create something from what has been before, it will always have the same flaws.

Building from the old takes all the problems that were there before and adds to them. It is like the female who puts on a brand new dress, but under the dress is the same body as before. We cannot fix what we already have from the place we have already been. We are always moving backwards while thinking we are moving forward.

The one distinction here is in technology. Technology is the only place where people find the mistakes and then look for the solution. Technology has grown by fixing its weakest link. We as human beings just keep making the same mistakes over and over from the weakest link. The weakest link in our advancement is belief, thought and history, and that is what we are trying to use to fix the problem. We go to the past to fix it; and instead of seeing that the past is our failure, we use it as our springboard.

Technology uses thought and history as a springboard as well, but technology actually fixes it, whereas we use our belief as a springboard by building on it, believing we are fixing it. We think that if we get a new dress, or a new job, or move to a new city, or get a new spouse, or get a divorce that will fix our problem. We cannot fix a problem from within the problem.

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